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Interactive Retail Display


Interactive Retail Display

Consumers visiting brick and mortar stores are looking for a unique, tangible and stimulating shopping experience. This calls for modern stores to appeal to all the senses of today's customers. We strive to design an engaging, interactive retail display which will leave a memorable experience for your customers, and bring the wow-factor to window shopping and events 

retail projection mapping

Digital Projection on Organic Surfaces  

Animate products by projecting video contents on or around them. 

interactive display

Interactive & Informative

Ever changing and informative, the digital canvas can interact with the customers, creating an engaging experience. 

nike interactive shoe retail display

Targeted Advertising 

Marketing contents delivered right to the most relevant audience. 

custom oled Aston martin lighting

Brand Positioning  

By using the latest advancement in lighting technology, we design a light plan which illuminates the products and create a strong brand positioning.