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Bamboo² Art Installation

Interactive lighting and sound art installation

Bamboo² Art Installation

Bamboo² is an experimental audio visual experience, which bridges the organic and digital world by fusing together fine craftsmanship, lighting design and sound design.

Electroluminescent wires are interlaced within Bamboo strands, curving and flowing along its path, covering an area of 30sqm in surface and 3 meters in height. 64 different sections of light emitting wires are connected to power inverters and pulse with modulation dimmers. Computer softwares links all of the elements and synchronises the stereoscopic audio soundscape with the glimmering and flickering of the light wires. The Bamboo² finally comes to life and let you experience a full sensory immersion.

Light installation: Contrast Studio
Soundscape: Paul Timings
Bamboo Pavilion: Q. Jade Saw Architects
PavilionNOW 2015 @ Shalini Ganendra Fine Art